puppy sentence for class 2

While Brady knew Lana was too afraid to leave his tent even if it wasn't guarded, he'd had to order Elise chained to a tree within view of four guards. The tree has been recently planted with great success especially in Ceylon and Malaya (Plate I. The latex, which exudes slowly and in many tortuous courses, some of it ultimately falling on the ground, is allowed to remain on the tree for several days, until it becomes dry and solid, when it is pulled off in strings, which are either rolled up into balls or put into bags in loose masses, in which form it enters commerce under the name of Ceara " scrap.". Sentence; 5. The vegetation is everywhere most scanty, and scarcely anything deserving the name of a tree is to be found unless in the more sheltered spots, and then artificially planted. If the underlined section has a colon or semicolon, be on the lookout for a fragment on either side. But what if you aren’t sure? They made him punch himself and smash his head against a tree. The black-and-tan Australian shepherd with the odd, loping gait and a way with a Frisbee had been found as a three-week-old. Honour is shown to an adult when he dies, by wrapping him in a cloth and placing him on a platform in a tree instead of burying him. %���� The young man enjoys eating cake. His eyes went past Claire for a moment, to the dark figure waiting by the tree line. This is a “backwards” question that asks us to find the only incorrect answer instead of the only correct one. The fig is a common door-yard tree as in other Gulf and South Atlantic states, and is never killed down by frost. They grew also behind my house, and one large tree, which almost overshadowed it, was, when in flower, a bouquet which scented the whole neighborhood, but the squirrels and the jays got most of its fruit; the last coming in flocks early in the morning and picking the nuts out of the burs before they fell, I relinquished these trees to them and visited the more distant woods composed wholly of chestnut. 191. They gathered the fallen leaves that dropped of themselves from that withered tree--the French army--and sometimes shook that tree itself. The other type is junior and has the bouncy , unfocused eagerness of a red setter, 149. Some sentences also have relative clauses. For some reason, the flowers under that tree made her feel uneasy. Eventually the tree is destroyed, and the wood rendered worthless for timber, and of little value even for fuel. The children watching television laughed. Dog sentence examples. I will discuss this in more detail below in the "Fragments" section. Although he had worked for the government for several years, he now wanted to try a job in a small start-up company. She likes a lot of different kinds of movies. After supper they all gathered in the room with the tree. "If he were a tree," she started to giggle and lowered the tablet. In the case of a tree matters run somewhat differently; most large trees in full foliage have far more assimilatory surface than is immediately necessary, and if the injury is confined to a single year it may be a small event in the life of the tree, but if repeated the cambium, bud-stores and fruiting may all suffer. Write a sentence describing a person and circle the adjectives. Simple Sentence. The cypress was the tree into which Cyparissus, a beautiful youth beloved by Apollo, was transformed, that he might grieve to all time (Ovid, Met. It may also be stated here that when occasion arises peachtrees well furnished with buds may be transplanted and forced immediately without risking the crop of fruit, a matter of some importance when, as sometimes happens, a tree may accidentally fail. The female lays her eggs in a slit made by means of her "saw-like" ovipositor in the leaf or fruit of a tree. Let's look more into how dependent clauses are formed and how they are used. Bill said one of the limbs of the tree had gone through the roof over Carmen's bedroom – all the way down and punctured her mattress. Shadows danced in tune with a slight breeze from the inch of open window and a sentinel pine tree beyond. This method of study has to a large extent modified our ideas of the relative importance of the parts of such an organism as a large tree. In order to fix these fragments, add the detail fragment to the main sentence it is describing. (have finished – finite), 8. Snow fell heavier, until she could barely see the next tree in front of her. ������rơ��UW��(�8�^������v�e�o��^�}}�`l�C�n_éN\-�ȖW��8�JV��G����N� 07d�e��N��ч�ր��i(���/�w,�B�_M�~.��˚�����@wD�Jj��%E�{���2���k7��Dد�pCRK�S�aIIMM��!��h\�������(�ve "�z�������:��bA����m�*�'���ە.��∱��0$�"��K �7��"xy_���jtF!=���6ʌ�S�DZ�׼L�?E;��0��)�i;=�!��TJ The true balsam poplar, or tacamahac, P. balsamifera, abundant in most parts of Canada and the northern States, is a tree of rather large growth, often of somewhat fastigiate habit, with round shoots and oblong-ovate sharp-pointed leaves, the base never cordate, the petioles round, and the disk deep glossy green above but somewhat downy below. The large branches droop, like those of the Norway spruce, but the sprays are much lighter and more slender, rendering the tree one of the most elegant of the conifers, especially when young. She visually selected a tree ahead that looked easy to climb. He packed two pairs of trousers and three shirts. And the botanist who finds that the apple falls because the cellular tissue decays and so forth is equally right with the child who stands under the tree and says the apple fell because he wanted to eat it and prayed for it. Appositives should be surrounded by commas. Can you recognize which of the following are correct sentences, and which are fragments and run-ons? LOG(a word of uncertain etymological origin,possibly onomatopoeic; the New English Dictionary rejects the derivation from Norwegian lag, a fallen tree), a large piece of, generally unhewn, wood. From reading the prompt, I can see that the given sentence is correct as is, and so are three of the answer choices. According to the ACT, not all mistakes are created equal. There are three ways to fix these fragments: add a helping verb, or change the verb to another form if it's appropriate. The ACT will not test you on any of the grammatical terms we cover, but understanding the ideas is important. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(360031, '999536b9-3e8d-43b1-bb4b-469b84affecc', {}); Mary Ann holds a BA in Classics and Russian from the University of Notre Dame, and an MA from University College London. Since he wanted to go to the carnival, he took a day off work. → James, my cousin, ate the whole pie. The white spruce (Picea alba), sometimes met with in English plantations, is a tree of lighter growth than the black spruce, the branches being more widely apart; the foliage is of a light glaucous green; the small light-brown cones are more slender and tapering than in P. nigra, and the scales have even edges.

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