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Wear impervious clothing. cas:85535-86-0 msds Alkanes, C18-28, chloro. © 2020 Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany and/or its affiliates. Wash and dry hands. If inhaled If breathed in, move person into fresh air. Avoid breathing dust. Store in cool place. EC No. Use water spray, alcohol-resistant foam, dry chemical or carbon dioxide. Articles of Paraffin oil are included as well. Containers can be triply rinsed (or equivalent) and offered for recycling or reconditioning. The material can be disposed of by removal to a licensed chemical destruction plant or by controlled incineration with flue gas scrubbing. Use personal protective equipment. Wash off with soap and plenty of water. For precautions see section 2.2. If breathed in, move person into fresh air. Discharge into the environment must be avoided. 8012 -95 -1 232 -384 -2 - 4. Show this safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and consult a physician. Company: Recochem Inc. ABN: 69 010 485 999 . Evacuate personnel to safe areas. Dispose of contaminated gloves after use in accordance with applicable laws and good laboratory practices. chemBlink provides samples of SDS, Safety Data Sheets, for Paraffin oil, CAS 8012-95-1 View or download the Paraffin Oil MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or SDS for PX0046 from MilliporeSigma. For personal protection see section 8. View or download the Paraffin Oil MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or SDS for PX0047 from MilliporeSigma. Cat No. Paraffin Oils 8012-95-1 232-384-2 99.99% v/v >= 99.5 <=99.9% v/v None Impurity CAS No. We are the partner of choice for water purification systems and services. Paraffin MSDS (material safety data sheet) or SDS, CoA and CoQ, dossiers, brochures and other available documents. Handle with gloves. Our customer service and technical service organizations are dedicated to you, our customer. Alternatively, the packaging can be punctured to make it unusable for other purposes and then be disposed of in a sanitary landfill. Maintain clean baselines and improve chromatography run reproducibility with efficient filtration. © Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, 2014. Typical Concentration Concentration Range Remarks - - - - - None SECTION 3 – COMPOSITION / INFORMATION OF INGREDIENTS SECTION 4 – FIRST AID MEASURES SECTION 5 – FIRE-FIGHTING MEASURES . Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice. Polymeric Microspheres and Magnetic Beads, Novabiochem Peptide and DNA Synthesis Reagents, Analytics and Sample Preparation Services, BioReliance® Cell and Gene Therapy Testing Services, Calibration, Verification and Suitability Testing, Process Solutions: Portfolio Announcements, Request More Information About This Product, Aflatoxin Certificate for 107174 Paraffin highly liquid Ph Eur,BP,NF,JP, BSE/TSE Certificate for 107174 Paraffin highly liquid Ph Eur,BP,NF,JP, HALAL Certificate for 107174 Paraffin highly liquid Ph Eur,BP,NF. Please enable JavaScript and reload this page. Our portfolio of innovative products, services and solutions. Your fast track through regulatory challenges.. Functional excipients to enhance bioavailability. Pioneering excellence with Steritest™ Symbio Pumps. An invalid quantity was specified. Here you will find MSDS/SDS for Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil, Firefly Tiki Torch Fuel, and Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil. Do not contaminate water, foodstuffs, feed or seed by storage or disposal. Catalogs and product finders. Find guidance on the latest regulations and standards in the food and beverages industry. cas:108171-26-2 msds Alkanes, C10-12, chloro. SAFETY DATA SHEET Creation Date 03-May-2012 Revision Date 26-Jan-2018 Revision Number 3 1. Page 1 of 3 ISSUE: 4 ISSUE DATE: 11/07/2011 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET SECTION 1 IDENTIFICATION OF THE MATERIAL AND SUPPLIER . Eye: If irritation should occur, flush eyes with … Wear self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighting if necessary. Controlled incineration with flue gas scrubbing is possible for combustible packaging materials. Get prompt medical attention. The selected protective gloves have to satisfy the specifications of EU Directive 89/686/EEC and the standard EN 374 derived from it. Wash hands before breaks and at the end of workday. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more to add items to your cart. to EMEA/C HMP/SWP/4446/2000 are not likely to be present. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Fast, safe transfer of plates to isolator. Paraffin CAS 8042-47-5 highly liquid Ph Eur,BP,NF,JP - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information. Rinse mouth with water. Avoid formation of dust and aerosols. Imaging flow cytometry makes it possible. .sds-ghs .header, .sds-ghs .content { font-family: 'times_new_roman', 'Times New Roman', sans-serif; } .avoid-page-break-inside { page-break-inside:avoid; } .sds-ghs h1, .sds-ghs h2, .sds-ghs h3, .sds-ghs h4, .sds-ghs h5, .sds-ghs h6 { font-weight: bold; } .sds-ghs h1 { text-align: left; font-size: 2em; margin: 0.67em 0; } .sds-ghs h2 { text-align: left; color: grey; font-size: 1.2em; margin: 0.83em 0; } .sds-ghs h3 { font-size: 1.17em; margin: 10px 0; } .sds-ghs h4 { /*text-align:center;*/ font-size: 1em; margin: 10px 0; } .sds-ghs h5 { font-style: italic; color: grey; font-size: 0.83em; margin: 10px 0; } .sds-ghs p { /*border: 1px solid blue;*/ color: black; line-height: 1; margin-bottom: 5px; } .sds-ghs hr { /*border: 1px solid blue;*/ color: black; margin: 0.5em 0; } .sds-ghs table { width: 100%; border-collapse: collapse; } .sds-ghs table td, .sds-ghs table th { border: 1px solid black; text-align: center; line-height: 1.5em; } .sds-ghs .subtitle { font-size: 12px; color: grey; text-align: right; } .sds-ghs .table-border-none th, .sds-ghs .table-border-none td { border: none; text-align: left; vertical-align: top; line-height: 1; } .sds-ghs .width-pc-70 { width: 70%; } .sds-ghs .width-pc-30 { width: 30%; } .sds-ghs .width-100 { width: 100px; } .sds-ghs .title-number { width: 50px; float: left; display: inline-block; } .sds-ghs .title-content { padding-left: 50px; display: block; } .sds-ghs .title { margin-right: -50px; border-top: 1px solid; } .sds-ghs .content { margin-left: 50px; margin-right: 50px; } .sds-ghs .m-t { margin-top: 15px; } .sds-ghs .text-left { text-align: left; } .sds-ghs h3 { margin-left: -50px; } .sds-ghs h3:before { clear: both; content: ''; }. The quantity field is empty. Do not discharge to sewer systems. Chemsrc provides Paraffin oil(CAS#:8012-95-1) MSDS, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc. Wear dust mask when handling large quantities. Consult a physician. Pick up and arrange disposal. The product quantity has been adjusted. Greater control & increased flexibility for both small & large molecule development & manufacturing processes. Avoid dust formation. In case of skin contact Wash off with soap and plenty of water. Explore, interact. Converge, Intensify and Evolve. Watch, learn and engage with us. Avoid exposure - obtain special instructions before use.Provide appropriate exhaust ventilation at places where dust is formed. Prevent further leakage or spillage if safe to do so. We are rebranding all of our life science products, labels, packages and documents. Do not let product enter drains. Do NOT induce vomiting. Create the perfect solution - match and clear hexagones. Operating in the U.S. & Canada as MilliporeSigma. Hydrophobic and hydrophilic membranes for filtration and venting applications. Optimize your QC lab workflow and ensure regulatory compliance. H304: May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. Service Tel: +86-571-87759741, Marketing Tel: +86-571-89739798 skype, Copyright©2010-2020 Guidechem 浙B2-20090288-37, Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use, Classification of the substance or mixture, GHS label elements, including precautionary statements, Other hazards which do not result in classification, Description of necessary first-aid measures, Most important symptoms/effects, acute and delayed, Indication of immediate medical attention and special treatment needed, if necessary, Specific hazards arising from the chemical, Special protective actions for fire-fighters, Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency procedures, Methods and materials for containment and cleaning up, Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities, Individual protection measures, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), Transport in bulk according to Annex II of MARPOL 73/78 and the IBC Code, Safety, health and environmental regulations specific for the product in question, 4-Ethyl-2,3-dioxo-1-piperazinecarbonylchloride, Distillates(petroleum), solvent-dewaxed heavy paraffinic, Hydrocarbons, C4,1,3-butadiene-free, polymd., triisobutylene fraction, hydrogenated, Paraffin oils, sulfochlorinated, saponified, Paraffin liquid;Paraffin oil;PetrolatuM liquid;White Mineral oil, Beijing Duofuduo Chemical Import&Export Co.,Ltd, 8F, Block C, No.3 Building, Zijin Plaza, No.701, Gudun Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310030, China. Gloves must be inspected prior to use. Address : 1809 Lytton Road, Lytton, Queensland 4178 . Keep at rest. Ensure adequate ventilation. Related Products' MSDS. EC -No. This Website requires your browser to be JavaScript enabled. Keep in suitable, closed containers for disposal. Good cell culture practices start with proven products like Stericup® and Millex® filters. : AC124020000; AC124020010; AC124020025; AC124020060; AC124020100 CAS-No 8042-47-5 Synonyms Nujol; Petrolatum, liquid; Paraffin oil Recommended Use Laboratory chemicals. Find the products and services for your process. Show this safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance.Move out of dangerous area. Product Name: PARAFFIN OIL . Consult a physician. Phone: (07) 3308 5200 Fax: (07) 3308 5201 Consult a physician. The type of protective equipment must be selected according to the concentration and amount of the dangerous substance at the specific workplace. All references to Merck refer to Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. Primary and secondary antibodies, blockers and custom services. P301 + P330 + P331: IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth. SAFETY DATA SHEET LIGHT LIQUID PARAFFIN DATE: 12/09/2014 Products of Combustion : No data available … Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours). Use proper glove removal technique(without touching glove's outer surface) to avoid skin contact with this product. Safety glasses with side-shields conforming to EN166. chemBlink provides samples of SDS, Safety Data Sheets, for Paraffin oil, CAS 8012-95-1

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