gerber multi tool military issue

Gerber currently offers more than 20 different versions of the MP600 customized for any type of work imaginable. We’d go over the included tools, but it would take a while. It’s like the ‘Buy American’ policy which applies to the US Federal Government while the Berry Amendment applies specifically to the Department of Defense. The build quality and durability of the MP600 are also excellent. Leatherman wins here as well. SOG’s advantage is their Compound Leverage technology which means you don’t have to use as much pressure on the handles to grip or cut with the pliers. Tool Kit – Many multi tool manufacturers now offer a bit kit to go with a built in bit driver. So now they issue a SOG multi-tool instead. Then they changed their mind. The central draw of the Center Drive is the full size bit driver. These are a little heavy and not pocket friendly IMHO, but belt application is preferred as my hands can find, un-holster, and access with ease. Pretty much across the board Leatherman products are better made than any other manufacturer’s at the same price point. The other multi-tool that would be useful to some military personnel is the PowerAssist in Black Oxide. So the military can issue it to a lot of different soldiers who have different tasks and it’s going to do the job for them. The pliers were another big sticking point for us. excellent. Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. -- That should also attest to corrosion resistance. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. It doesn’t have any blade on it at all, just a small pair of scissors, tweezers, and a nail file. Once in place you can use the included bits for several different screw types and sizes. The Wave+ is an updated version of Leatherman’s incredibly popular Wave multi tool. Leatherman put a lot of work into the overall design of the Wave+ as well. No multi tool would be complete without optional accessories. There are lots of manufacturers in the multi tool world but two companies, Gerber and Leatherman, stand well above the rest. The Skeletool weighs just 5 oz but is still a full 4 in long. Should be covered under the warranty but Gerber needs to make it much stronger to do its job properly. You can read my review where I put the MP1-AR up against the Leatherman MUT and the Multi-Tasker Series 3 to find the best weapons multi-tool. The one handed open pliers are a nice feature, but in general we find outside access knife and saw blades to be more frequently used. Don’t get us wrong though, the MP600 is a well made multi tool with a lot to like about it. Gerber … Besides the MP600 platform, Gerber has also introduced the MP1 platform consisting of 2 weapons maintenance multi-tools – the MP1- Military MRO and MP1- Military MRO. The black oxide coating also became an issue faster than we expected. Its sturdy, has a tool loadout for just about any user, and looks sharp. Profile; Shop Shop FEATURED FEATURED Reserve Gift Guide Randy Newberg New Arrivals American Manufacturing KNIVES KNIVES Folding Fixed Assisted Automatic MULTI-TOOLS MULTI-TOOLS One-Hand Opening Butterfly Opening Compact CUTTING TOOLS … Then there’s a punch to put holes in C4 explosives. It just comes down to the overall length of the tool’s body. Also on the rear of the sheath, they both have rows of webbing loops to give other options to attach the sheath. Love the replaceable cutter addition, especially if you are going to make regular use of it. There are all the standard tools you’d expect from a flagship, knife, saw, file, scissors, along with a few innovations that are distinctly Leatherman. Unfortunately the cutters Gerber have come out with don’t seem to be living up to their hype. If you’re just looking to do odd jobs around the house we’d recommend you go with the Center Drive. You have to buy aftermarket accessories for that. Both work just fine, the can opener in particular glides through cans with ease, but they definitely could have combined these into a single tool without sacrificing any utility. They have cunningly disguised it as a dual-lug M4 castlenut spanner! For more information about the MP600, check out our full review here. The separate can and bottle openers also seemed like a weird choice. Again, take that for what it's worth...hopefully it's worth more then what I paid for these minus what what was paid for any other tool in your pocket. The Crater has a 2.6 in blade which is honestly pretty small for a dedicated folder. The tools on each of these couldn’t be more different though. Not knocking any other tools, I'm just reflecting that a tool has a task and it if succeeds in that task: it is capable. Here are some highlights of other multi tools similar to the MP600 and our opinion on which one is superior. $40 Military Multitool But Is It Good? Normally the RemGrit slot would be the serrated knife to go with the straight edge knife on the other handle. Molly, as it’s pronounced, is an abbreviation for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Overall the Gerber Dime just beats out the Squirt PS4. All of the tools are easily accessible even when wearing gloves. Every major multi tool manufacturer knows that all of its customers aren’t dropping $100+ dollars on a pocket tool. MADE IN USA, A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is. Leatherman has been adding replaceable wire cutters to some of their premium multi tools but Gerber is trying to take this one step further. You see with Gerber’s one hand opening pliers that deploy by flicking your wrist, the pliers slide along metal rails to open.

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