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Cadbury's Easter advert, for example, turned from a wholesome story about a grandfather setting up an Easter egg hunt for his grandchildren, to a tone-deaf depiction of breaking government regulations and putting lives at risk. While people are correct in associating Apple with its technology, their brand is much more than that, built on the spirit of innovation and novelty. Boux Avenue's refer-a-friend campaign offers 25% off for NHS workers, Orbit Energy's refer-a-friend campaign donates to the NHS Charities COVID-19 Urgent Appeal for every successful referral, Mamas & Papas refer-a-friend campaign offers 15% off for NHS workers, Recommerce's French refer-a-friend campaign encourages customers to keep in touch with loved ones, Marks & Spencer's refer-a-friend campaign taps into a sense of togetherness, Ted Baker's refer-a-friend copy emphasises extended returns, Monica Vinader's refer-a-friend copy highlights its 100-day returns policy. The shaken salesman storms out of the car and threatens to call the police, but Gordon swiftly revealed his true identity and points out that the whole ordeal was all a prank. It can be as simple as tweaking messaging, updating imagery or, declining at the fastest rate since the 2008/9 financial crisis, Emily Crisps used the opportunity to build brand awareness and get people talking online, 92% of consumers expect brands to continue advertising. You came here because you want to learn more about brand marketing, but before we get into that, take a second to humor us and answer this question: What comes to mind when you think about Apple, Coke, and Nike? 92% of consumers expect brands to continue advertising at the moment. Dove: Real Beauty Your entire brand: logo, name, print, ads, web, and media should push why you are different and thus better than the competition. You may also see marketing presentations. Although the campaign seems pretty simple, it still made a huge impact in modern society. You may also see email marketing. The campaign has also helped the company bring in big numbers by consistently building brand awareness. The ones that persevere alongside us, recognise the challenges we're facing and do their best to solve them, will prosper long-term. Just as we expect friends to be there for us when times get tough, the same goes for brands. Launched more than 7 years ago, their “Share A Coke” campaign continues to serve as one of the most effective examples of brand marketing. By Jessica Chabot While many brands have drastically cut back on OOH ads given that their value is rooted in people being, um, out of the home, Emily Crisps used the opportunity to build brand awareness and get people talking online. Done right, these campaigns elicit an emotional response from your customers that will build loyalty and result in repeat business. For example, ‘being a real man’ and ‘living free like a cowboy’ is the image a Marlboro Man should possess. You may also see marketing trends. The company created a whole new industry that centered on diamonds. You may also see content marketing. Although the sales impact is said to earn mixed results, there’s no denying the social impact the campaign has brought to the world of marketing. You may also see marketing styles. Every day, we encounter all sorts of commercials and advertisements from companies of all types and sizes that try to get our attention and persuade us to purchase a given product, avail of a service, renew our impression towards the brand or even support a particular cause. In a span of ten years, Nike’s sales went from a mere $800 million to a staggering $9.2 billion. Major brands have scrapped entire campaigns overnight after suddenly finding them irrelevant or insensitive. Beverage powerhouse Coca-Cola is no stranger to executing effective marketing campaigns, but one stands out amongst others. While many brands have drastically cut back on OOH ads given that their value is rooted in people being, um, out of the home, Emily Crisps used the opportunity to build brand awareness and get people talking online. The brand created print ads that presented their products in unique (and sometimes peculiar) settings that were a lot different than what consumers would expect. This changed in 2011 when the company released not one, but two ads for the season. Initially, the Stratos project was meant to be a scientific mission conducted by the company. The campaign was so successful that Absolut began importing 4.5 million cases of vodka per year as opposed to its 2.5% share of the vodka market prior to the campaign. In their ad, the WWF featured five different endangered animals with the line ‘Don’t let this be my #lastselfie’, which was made to encourage users to share the message across social media. But that would be a mistake. Here are 12 examples of marketing campaigns in the Coronavirus era. If you feel that your business could benefit from brand marketing, contact Jessica Chabot, Vice President, Client Services of Millennium Agency at Life has changed rapidly over the past few months. Over the years, we’ve seen multiple brands launch advertising and marketing campaigns more convincingly and memorably than others. This modern tactic to social media marketing quickly gained recognition among users, receiving about 400,000 tweets and hitting the target donation count in just three days. But according to the company’s executives, the Stratos project was not a marketing campaign to start with, which makes this advertising stunt even more intriguing under the public eye. We're in new and unsettling times, with a recession almost certainly ahead. Even if diamonds aren’t supposed to be a costly piece of jewelry, De Beers marketed it otherwise. The situation has forced almost every brand to reconsider its marketing strategy, both in terms of budget and approach. To the salesman’s surprise, Gordon quickly speeds off by driving recklessly around the parking lot. Before the famous De Beers slogan came to be, engagement rings weren’t breaking the market. For brands that no longer have the marketing budget for expensive campaigns, simple changes to your website or other online channels can make a difference. It may seem like an evil form of marketing, but this clever marketing strategy certainly brought De Beers to the limelight.

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